2016 Super Bowl 50 Betting Odds, Lines & Futures

2016 Super Bowl 50 Betting Odds, Lines & Futures
This year will be the number of Super Bowl 50, the event appreciated by Americans. When it comes to the Super Bowl, they seem to forget and NBA and NHL and to focus on this event. For those less familiar, Super Bowl means American Football Season Finale. In this anniversary edition meet Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. The national anthem will be sung by America’s Lady Gaga, the Half Time hearing will delight us with songs from Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce.

A study of American Gambling Association (AGA, the forum which checks activity in the US market betting) announced that 2016 will place bets worth more than $4.2 billion for the Super Bowl champions the deciding game for American Football. Super Bowl arrives in 2016, edition number 50, and character anniversary will act as a magnet for gamblers, estimates AGA. The study also predicts, however, that 97% of bets will be illegal and court director, Geoff Freeman , stressed that the illegal betting market in the US is 35% higher than the legal one. Issue 49 has generated Super Bowl bets worth 115 million dollars.

Last season, Super Bowl 2015 was played between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. Patriots won the game 28-24, but not without controversy! Will form so these two teams and 2016 finals? The question is who has the quality and hard to walk all the way to the 50th edition of the Super Bowl in 2016. NFL finals in 2015, the 49th Super Bowl was played on February 1, 2015 and I had the New England Patriots champions with a score of 28-24. Seattle Seahawks, the other finalist team had a final opportunity to secure their victory, but 5 yards of the end zone they decided a long ball into the air instead of an entry into force. This dream crucial killed Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Super Bowl to win the title twice in a row. Tom Brady, Patriots MVP was again crucial in winning of the 4th trophy in franchise history.

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Denver Broncos has two titles to his credit, while the Carolina Panthers would be a first in Super Bowl imposition. The match will take place on San Francisco Bay Arena. It must be added that the Panthers suffered one defeat this season the NFL, while Denver is the eighth show in Super Bowl. To understand the magnitude of the phenomenon, to say that an advertisement for only 30 seconds at this edition of the Super Bowl came to cost $5 million.

Carolina Panthers is the favorite to win the match, with a share of 3/7 compared to 19/10 of Denver. Line totals is 44.5 points, and the handicap of 5.5 points. Sure, I got odds the most balanced on both sides, because at William Hill you can benefit from handicaps / adjustable totals.

You can place bets on the Super Bowl in 2016 anything you want. For example, you can bet on the number of offensive yards on the number of interceptions, but also many options that we are certain that American Football fans understand them better. Regarding essays, you are invited to specify who will be first, and the last team to succeed one team will succeed longest essay, and the total number of yards had the shortest or longest essay. This is just a small part of the William Hill betting offer for the Super Bowl 50.

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